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We believe that cannabis has therapeutic properties that can improve the wellbeing of an individual, whether it's used to ease forms of anxiety, uplift your mood, prevent migraine headaches, relieve chronic pain or reduce seizures brought on from epilepsy amongst many other ailments.  

Advocating for patients who are interested in starting or continuing the use of medical cannabis to improve their quality of life; particularly when conventional options of treatment have failed or have caused too many adverse effects.

Our focus is on promoting an evidence based approach to medicinal cannabis while offering our patients a supportive and enriched experience. Education, Follow-Up and Ongoing Support is foundational to our services.

You will have access to health care practitioners who understand your needs.  We strive to help you improve your quality of life & work towards achieving your wellness goals.  With the use of a confidential telemedicine APP you can have your license issued today!  

You can download the confidential communication app to your mobile phone FREE.  And speak to someone now!

Become a Medical Cannabis Patient


Determining Eligibility

To be eligible for your medical cannabis authorization you will need to provide medical documentation confirming the condition or symptom(s) you are requesting to treat.

We prefer you have a Family Doctor who  is managing your overall health care plan.  However, if you do not we can still find a way to help you.


- Cramps

- Depression

- Exhaustion

- Headaches

- High Blood Pressure

- High Eye Pressure

- Inflammation

- Insomnia

- Nausea

- Pain

- Poor Appetite

- Seizures

- Spasms/Spasticity

- Stress

Examples Of Supporting Medical Documents

  • A Doctor's note identifying the condition or symptom(s), have been or are being investigated, within the last 5 yrs
  • Proof that a  conventional therapy has been attempted and failed to provide relief without causing intolerable adverse effects;
  • Medical Reports Documenting  Proof of Injury, Surgery, Procedure etc.
  • Your previous expired ACMPR Document
  • Prescription Profile from your local pharmacy.

Health Canada supports use for these conditions.

Health Canada supports use for these conditions.

Canadian Regulations

ACMPR Medical Document
ACMPR Consultations
Medical Cannabis Patient
Medical Cannabis
ACMPR License

ACMPR Program

At Sweet Grass Wellness you will receive quality medical advice from trained professionals that can help you through the process of accessing your cannabis license for medical purposes. Be treated with respect and dignity from our compassionate, caring staff.  We are proud to provide a high quality level of customer service, medical experience and commitment to health and wellness to all our clients.

How We Help


Providing patients education about Cannabis therapeutics as it pertains the Endocannabinoid system and why therapeutic effects are being experienced.

Private Support Forum

Once you have become a patient, you will gain access to our patient supprt forum where you can openly discuss & learn from others and receive professional support during your licensed period. The common goal is to assist each patient to achieve the maximum therapeutic benefits of using medicinal cannabis.

Integrative Health Options

Adjunctive therapies designed to help support & lift your overall well being!

Targeting Addictions, Neuro-Recovery, Mood Disorders, Anti-Aging & Weight loss efforts.

New Patients

Licensed Producers

Under the ACMPR, Canadians who have been authorized by their health care practitioner to access cannabis for medical purposes will have the option of purchasing safe, quality-controlled cannabis from one of the producers licensed by Health Canada.

Grow your Own Medicine

With the appropriate medical document from our health care practitioner, individuals can apply to register with Health Canada to produce a limited amount of cannabis for their own medical purposes. Click Application to Grow to print the Health Canada Application form.

Assign a Designated Grower

The ACMPR License allows you the option to also designate someone to grow your supply on your behalf.  This will need to be identified on your application.  A Police check is required in order to designate a grower on your behalf.


Registration Package Download

SGW-Application Package 07:2018 (pdf)


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